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Branding, Identity, and Package Design 

Based in Beijing, China, founded by Cape Town alumnus Zhang Yipeng, Smash a Cup is a Rooibos brand that sells seasonally updated, flavors of the South African tea leaf, all without the caffeine.

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June 2006

Flavors are consistently updated with custom designed patterns that sell out every season.

Inspired by the Ndebele tribe in South Africa, the visual language of Smash a Cup is about a celebration of tradition.

Bright colors are mashed with tribal patterns, mixed with Memphis inspirations from the 1980s, Smash a Cup delivers a tea drinking experience that is at the same time healthy, hip, and alternatively delightful.

Smash a Cup consistently collaborates with other foodmakers on new products, such as the delicious Ciders above.
Meat art direction and design