art direction and design

Branding, Identity, and Package Design

Inspired by commonwealth recipes, and, well, burgers, Common Burger’s mission is creating a burger for the everyman.

Red, white, and blue are colors present through almost all commonwealth countries, with a splash of mustard yellow, a commonwealth food brand’s colors are born.

A 70’s aesthetic of high-saturation primary colors gives the brand nostalgia and punch.

Visual Identity
Burger Icons

Each burger comes in their own flavor-specific, full color wrapper.

The burger is a food that never went out of style, we wanted to create a look for Common Burger that crossed over well to apparel and streetwear, which would serve both as staff uniform, and brand swag.

The brand was meant to remind of the glory days of fast food. Where the burger represented an honor of feeding the people fast and cheap.

Meat art direction and design