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Participant of Belvedere Visual Magazine + Art Book Fefèstival #2.

After much delay (and anticipation), Plugzine #4 is now out! Featuring 12 photographers all around the world, this issue of Plugzine is a feast of stunning work that are all collector's quality and poster-sized. Comes in 12 collectors' covers.

Trade 200 RMB for a copy of Plugzine #4 here.

Chadwick Tyler
Chen Man
Chih-han Hsu
Josef Hoflehner
Kevin German
Kim Holtermand
Peng Yangjun
Ryuta Abe
Zhou Mi
No. 223
Margaret Durow

Postcards - Invites to Launch Exhibition

Plugzine #4 - Back to Black and White Exhibition
Plugzine #4 was launched on May 22 at Evening Fashion Runaway Galla, 798 Art District, Beijing, China. The night went on as numerous guests enjoyed a mix of works from the 12 contributing artists of Back to Black and White. Models also roamed about showcasing the works of Evening Yu, fashion designer and contributor of the space.

Special thanks to all the following photographers:

Chadwick Tyler (New York City, U.S.A.)
Chen Man (Beijing, China)
Chih-han Hsu (Brisbane, Australia)
Josef Hoflehner (Wels, Austria)
Kevin German (Ho Chih Min City, Vietnam)
Kim Holtermand (Kirke Vaerlose, Denmark)
Margaret Durow (Wisconsin, U.S.A.)
Mikael Raymond (Stockholm, Sweden)
No. 223 (Guangzhou, China)
Peng Yangjun (Shanghai, China)
Ryuta Abe (Kamakura, Japan)
Zhou Mi (San Francisco, U.S.A.)
Meat art direction and design